International Journal
of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research ISSN: 0975-248X | DOI Prefix: 10.25004 | CODEN (USA): IJPSPP

Research: A Comprehensive Review of Different Liver Toxicants Used in Experimental Pharmacology
Bigoniya P.*, Singh C. S., Shukla A.
DOI: NA      Pages: 124-135

Research: Bacopa monniera -a Future Perspective
Srivastava Shikha1, Mishra Nidhi1, Misra Upama2*
DOI: NA      Pages: 154-157

Research: Quantitative Structure Pharmacokinetic Relationship Using Artificial Neural Network: A Review
S. K. Singh1*, Sangita Saini2, Bharat Verma3, D. N. Mishra1
DOI: NA      Pages: 144-153

Research: Thiazoles: A Valuable Insight into the Recent Advances and Biological Activities
Nadeem Siddiqui*, M. Faiz Arshad, Waquar Ahsan, M. Shamsher Alam
DOI: NA      Pages: 136-143