International Journal
of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research ISSN: 0975-248X | DOI Prefix: 10.25004 | CODEN (USA): IJPSPP

Review Article : Green Techniques in Synthesis of Some Thiazolidinones
Maruti S. Kanase, Pravina B. Piste*
DOI: na      Pages: 38-43

Review Article : Nephroprotective Ethno-medicinal Action of Selected Indian Medicinal Plant
Srivastava AK1*, Kaushik D1, Shrivastava AK2, Lal VK3
DOI: NA      Pages: 44-54

Research Article : Phytochemical Analysis, Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities of Different Crude Extracts of Marine Red Alga Gracilaria corticata From The Gulf of Mannar South Coast, Navaladi, South India
Gnanaprakasam Adaikala Raj, Manivachagam Chandrasekaran*, Sakthivel Jegan, Venugopalan Venkatesalu
DOI: NA      Pages: 55-63

Research Article : sessment of Cytotoxic and Immunomodulatory Properties of Piper nigrum Linn. (White Pepper) Seed Extract
M Sheik Noor Mohamed, K Jaikumar, D Anand, P Saravanan*
DOI: NA      Pages: 64-67

Research Article : In silico Pharmacokinetic, Bioactivity and Toxicity Evaluation of Some Selected Anti-Ulcer Agents
Neeraj Kumar1*, Shashank Shekhar Mishra2, Chandra Shekhar Sharma2, Hamendra Pratap Singh2, Harshda Pandiya2
DOI: na      Pages: 68-71

Research Article : Influence of Physico-Chemical Parameters on the Fabrication of Silver Nanoparticles Using Petrea volubilis L. Stem Broth and Its Anti-Microbial Efficacy
N. I. Hulkoti*, T. C. Taranath
DOI: na      Pages: 72-78

Research Article : Antianxiety Activity of Fractions and Isolated Compounds of Verbena officinalis Aerial Parts
P Kumar1*, R Madaan2, S Sidhu1
DOI: na      Pages: 79-82

Research Article : Essential Oil Extracted from Plectranthus amboinicus Induces Apoptosis in the Lung Cancer Cells via Mitochondrial Pathway
Lipin Dev M S1, Darsan B Menon2*
DOI: na      Pages: 83-89

Research Article : Phytochemical Analysis of Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. Leaf Extract Using GC-MS Analysis
Jaikumar K, Sheik Noor Mohamed M, John Wyson W, Deventhiran M, Anand D, Saravanan P*
DOI: na      Pages: 90-93

Research Article : Acute Toxicity Studies of Petroleum Ether, Methanol and Aqueous Extracts of Nigella sativa
C. Girish1, Y. Narsimha Reddy2*
DOI: na      Pages: 94-97