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Research Article : In vitro Anti-Helicobacter pylori Activity and GC-MS Analysis of Enicostemma axillare (Lam). Raynal
Babu A, Sheik Noor Mohamed M, Jaikumar K, Anand D, Saravanan P
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090301
Pages: 100-104

Research Article : Optimization of Cilnidipine Nanosuspension Using a Center Composite Design
SK Nagar, MM Soniwala
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090401
Pages: 149-159

Research Article : Isolation of Endophytic Bacteria, Bioactive Compounds and Its Antiviral Activity against Herpes Simplex Virus Type -1
Anantha Padmanabhan S, John Wyson W, Marimuthu S, Saravanan P, Anand D
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090303
Pages: 113-117

Research Article : Development and in vitro Characterization of Gastro Retentive Raft Forming Stavudine Tablets
Mahendar Rupavath, K. S. K Rao Patnaik
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090101
Pages: 1-9

Review Article : Nephroprotective Ethno-medicinal Action of Selected Indian Medicinal Plant
AK Srivastava, D Kaushik, AK Shrivastava, VK Lal
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090202
Pages: 44-54

Research Article : Formulation and Evaluation of a Moisturizing Cream using Almond Butter
M. N. Karemore, Y. M. Charde, P. Dharmadhikari, S. M. Bhise
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090302
Pages: 105-112

Research Article : Synthesis and in-vitro anti-microbial evaluation of novel hydrazones of substituted tetrahydropyrimidines
Megha Shukla, Sumeet Kaur Bhatia, Balbir Kaur
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090501
Pages: 210-213

Research Article : Formulation and in vivo Evaluation of Acyclovir Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles for Ocular Delivery
S. Selvaraj, V. Niraimathi
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090304
Pages: 118-125

Research Article : In Silico Validation of Anti-tuberculosis Activity in Andrographis paniculata (Burm.F.) Nees
Nimmi Haridas, S Sreekumar, C.K Biju
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090408
Pages: 201-209

Research Article : Formulation and Optimization of Nanosuspension Prepared By Media Milling Technique to Enhance the Solubility of Isradipine
Umang Motka, Mahesh Dabhi, Navin Sheth, Ashvin Dudhrejiya
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2017.090403
Pages: 169-177