International Journal
of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research ISSN: 0975-248X | DOI Prefix: 10.25004 | CODEN (USA): IJPSPP

Volume No.7 (2015) Issue No.2

Review Article : Ruminative Announcement on Nanoparticles and Mononuclear Phagocytic System
J. Balasubramanian1*, T. Sravanthi2, V. Sujitha2
DOI: na
Pages: 129-137

Research Article : Development of Compression Coated Pantoprazole Tablets Using Spray Dried Polymer Blend: Evaluation and Process Optimisation by Extreme Vertices Design
Seemanchala Rath*, Arna Pal, Somnath Surai, Debanjan Das, Richinandan Maiti, Nripendra Nath Bala, Krishnanghu Ray, Bijan Kumar Gupta
DOI: na
Pages: 138-142

Research Article : Ginger and Marshmallow Extracts Can Protect against Pyloric Ligation-Induced Peptic Ulcer in Rats
Sameh S. Zaghlool1*, Basim A. Shehata2, Ali A. Abo-Seif1, Hekma A. Abd El-Latif3
Pages: 143-150

Research Article : Radioprotective Properties of Allium sativum (Garlic) Extract on Cultured Human Lymphocytes against Electron Beam Radiation
Shama N Rao1, Sukanya Shetty2*, SuchethaKumari N2, Madhu LN3, Ganesh Sanjeev4
DOI: na
Pages: 151-156

Research Article : In vitro Antibacterial Activity of Camellia sinensis and Andrographis paniculata against Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci
Pallavi Thakur1, Raman Chawla1*, Ankita Singh Chakotiya1, Raghav Nagpal1, Ankit Tanwar1, Rajeev Goel1, Alka Narula2, Rajesh Arora3, Rakesh K. Sharma1
Pages: 157-162

Research Article : Evaluation of Antacid Activity of Microemulsion Formulation of Blend of Essential Oil
Joydeep Mazumder1*, Devender Pathak1, Rachna Kumria2
Pages: 163-167

Research Article : Bcl-2 Targeted Structural Based Computer Aided Drug Design (CAAD) For Therapeutic Assessment of Ricin in Prostate Cancer
Meghraj Singh Baghel­*, Kavita Goswami
DOI: na
Pages: 168-171

Research Article : Anti Arthritic Activity of Caesalpinia pulcherrima against Type II Collagen Induced Arthritis in Experimental Rats
C Rajaram1*, K Ravindra Reddy2, K B Chandra Sekhar3
DOI: na
Pages: 172-175

Research Article : Determination of Duloxetine and Its Major Metabolites in Rabbit Plasma by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
T. K. Laha1*, S. Sen1, G. Mishra2
DOI: na
Pages: 176-181

Research Article : New RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Desvenlafaxine and Clonazepam in Tablets
Usha Rani N*, Sahithi G, Divya K
Pages: 182-187