International Journal
of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research ISSN: 0975-248X | DOI Prefix: 10.25004 | CODEN (USA): IJPSPP

Volume No.8 (2016) Issue No.3

Review Article : The Use of Viral Vectors in Gene Transfer Therapy
A. Dziaková, A. Valenčáková, E. Hatalová, J. Kalinová
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080301
Pages: 128-133

Research Article : A Meta-Analysis Study of Polychemotherapy versus Monochemotherapy in Patients of Metastatic Breast Cancer
Amal Kumar, Bhaswat S. Chakraborty
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080302
Pages: 134-143

Research Article : Computational Studies of Synthetic and Plant-Derived Compounds against Cardiovascular Disease Targets
N. Jauhari, S. Gupta, S. Saxena, N. Bharadvaja
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080303
Pages: 144-148

Research Article : Identification of Chemical Compounds from the Ethanolic Extract of the Bark of Bauhinia tomentosa L. By GC-MS Analysis
Gopalakrishnan S, Vadivel E
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080304
Pages: 149-152

Research Article : UV-Spectrophotometric Determination of Nateglinide in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Using Hydrotropic Solubilization Technique
Sk. Mastanamma, K. Sukeerthi
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080305
Pages: 153-156

Research Article : Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Assay Method for Vildagliptin Using Qbd Approach and Its Application to Forced Degradation Studies
Meetali M. Chaphekar, Purnima D. Hamrapurkar
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080306
Pages: 157-165

Research Article : Method Development for Quantification of Loratidine and Alverine Citrate by Visible Spectrophotometry
Vijayalakshmi R, Naga Sri Ramya Y, Dhanaraju MD
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080307
Pages: 166-169

Research Article : Development and Validation of Simple UV Spectrophotometric Method for the Estimation of Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide in Bulk and Marketed Dosage Formulations
Vineeta V. Khanvilkar, Rupali R. Kothekar
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080308
Pages: 170-173

Research Article : Formulation, Optimization and in vitro Characterization of Stavudine Gastro Retentive Floating Matrix Tablets
Mahendar Rupavath, Kranthi Kumar G, Chinna R Palem, K. S. K Rao Patnaik
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080309
Pages: 174-181

Research Article : Compatibility Studies of Atorvastatin Calcium with Selected Excipients By Means of Thermal and FT-IR Spectroscopic Methods for the Development of Immediate Release Tablet
Bipul Nath, Tushar Kanti Roy
DOI: 10.25004/IJPSDR.2016.080310
Pages: 182-188